Day 1

December 8, 2020

Business Track

Welcome to Q2B 2020!

Matt Johnson

QC Ware

Eric Schmidt on the Early Strategic Decisions and Future of Quantum Computing

Kia Kokalitcheva, Eric Schmidt

Axios, Schmidt Futures

The Power of Quantum Computers

Andrew Childs

Joint Center for Quantum Information and Computer Science, University of Maryland

Surveying the Quantum Computing Market Landscape

Bob Sorensen

Hyperion Research, LLC

When will Quantum Computing Create Value

Matt Langione

Boston Consulting Group

What You Need to Know About Quantum Algorithms

Adam Bouland

QC Ware

Enterprise Software and Services from QC Ware

Yianni Gamvros

QC Ware

Analytics through the Quantum Lens

Chris Savoie

QC Ware

Igniting the Quantum Ecosystem

Zaira Nazario


Prospects for Error Corrected Quantum Applications

Ryan Babbush


The Measurement in the Middle – Algorithm Development on Honeywell’s Quantum Computer

Ross Duncan

Cambridge Quantum Computing

Investment Trends in Quantum Computing

Jason Palmer, Thomas d’Halluin, Tomer Diari, Andrew Schoen, Margaret Wu

The Economist, Airbus Ventures, Bessemer Venture Partners, NEA, Georgian

Demo Track

The World’s Most Powerful Quantum Computer

Jungsang Kim, Chris Monroe


QC Ware Forge – Delivering Performance

Fabio Sanches, Sean J. Weinberg, Natalie Parham

QC Ware

Orquestra: Quantum-Ready Workflows for ML and Optimization

Alejandro Perdomo Ortiz


The Future of Quantum Software in the Cloud

Blake Johnson


New Tools for Quantum Algorithms Research

Alan Ho

Google Quantum AI

Demonstrations of Honeywell’s Differentiated Technology

Brian Neyenhuis, Wojciech Burkott, Jules Tilly

Honeywell Quantum Solutions, BEIT, Rahko

Practical Quantum Computing: Resource Optimization

Alex Condello

D-Wave Systems

Future-Proofing Your Quantum Development with Q# and QIR

Stefan Wernli


Social Track

Women in Quantum Computing

Denise Ruffner, Patty Lee, Jessica Pointing, Catherine McGeoch

IonQ, Honeywell Quantum Solutions, University of Oxford, D-Wave

QML and Ethics

Sophia Chen, Faye Wattleton, Kate Weber, Katie Pizzolato

Eeroq, Google

Quantum Computing and Environmental Sustainability

Bryan Walsh, Jean-Francois Bobier, Michael Marthaler, Mark Daly

Axios, Boston Consulting Group (BCG), HQS Quantum Simulations GmbH, BloombergNEF

Quantum Gaming

Dean Takahashi, Christopher Cantwell, James Wootton, Prof. Sabrina Maniscalco

VentureBeat, Quantum Realm Games, IBM Quantum, Algorithmiq Ltd

Day 2

December 9, 2020

Welcome to Q2B 2020 – Day 2

Matt Johnson

QC Ware

All clear to scale

Peter Chapman, Jungsang Kim, Chris Monroe


Fireside Chat with John Preskill

Jennifer Ouellette, John Preskill

Ars Technica, Caltech

Quantum Information Science at the Air Force Research Laboratory

Michael Hayduk

Air Force Research Laboratory

Building a Practical Error-Corrected Quantum Computer in 10 Years

Alan Ho, Julian Kelly, Yu Chen, Anthony Megrant

Google Quantum AI

Advancing Quantum with Our Partners: A View of the Road Ahead from IBM

Anthony Annunziata


Shaping the Future of Quantum Computing

Tony Uttley, Ilyas Khan, Christopher Savoie

Honeywell Quantum Solutions, Cambridge Quantum Computing, Zapata Computing

Scaling Photonic Quantum Computers

Zachary Vernon


10 things to know about quantum computing on AWS

Nadia Carlsten


Day 3

December 10, 2020

Government Track

NIST, QIS, and the Broader Quantum Ecosystem

Carl Williams


Quantum Education

Tim Lawrence

Air Force Research Laboratory

AFRL Overview and AFWERX Summary

Brigadier General Heather L. Pringle, Mr. Jack L. Blackhurst

Air Force Research Laboratory

Quantum Information Science in the Department of Energy Office of Science

Thomas F. Russell

U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Science

QED-C: Growing the Quantum Ecosystem

Celia Merzbacher

SRI International

EU QT Flagship

Pascal Maillot

European Commission

Quantum Computing in the UK Government Funding Initiatives

Roger Mckinlay

UK Research and Innovation

Quantum Technology Initiative in Germany

Tommasso Calarco

Peter Grünberg Institut

Quantum Computing in Japan

Dr. Kohei Itoh

Keio University Quantum Computing Center

How quantum computing can work with AI, 5G lasers to complete smart manufacturing and open the era of Society 5.0

Dr. Koji Yasui

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Discussing Singapore’s Current Quantum Eco-system

Alexander Ling

Centre for Quantum Technologies, National University of Singapore

Industry Track

Quantum Research at Goldman Sachs: Working backwards to find quantum advantage

Will Zeng

Goldman Sachs

BBVA Quantum-Ready journey, towards a Corporate Quantum Mindset

Dr. Andrea Cadarso Robolledo, Carlos Kuchkovsky Jimenez, Escolástico Sánchez


Automotive industry panel

Richard Waters, Takanori Ide, Joydip Ghosh, Oliver Wick, Florian Neukart

Financial Times, AISIN Group, Research & Advanced Engineering, Ford Motor Co., BMW Research and Innovation, Volkswagen

Aerospace Industry Panel

Frederic Lardinois, Jay Lowell, Thomas Ohki, Thierry Botter

TechCrunch, Boeing, Raytheon, Airbus

Quantum Computing & Materials Discovery

Clara Moskowitz, Christian Gogolin, Qi Gao, Thomas Eckl

Scientific American, Covestro Deutschland AG, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation Science & Innovation Center, Robert Bosch GmbH

Quantum computing research at ExxonMobil

Amy Herhold

ExxonMobil Research & Engineering Company

Pioneering a Viable Quantum Computing Approach at BP

Jhonathan Romero Fontalvo, Corneliu Buda, Clena Abuan

Zapata, British Petroleum

Pre-competitive alliances in pharma: looking for the right use cases

Brian Martin, John Wise, Celia Merzbacher

AbbVie, Pistoia Alliance, SRI International

QC in Pharma: industry perspective

Alex Knapp, Martin Strahm, Emir Roach, Govinda Bhisetti, Biogen

Forbes, Roche Innovation Center Basel, Takeda Pharmaceuticals,

QC in Pharma: vendor perspective

Alex Knapp, Benno Broer, Carl Dukatz, Mark Fingerhuth, Hans Melo

Forbes, Qu&Co, Accenture, ProteinQure, Menten Al, Inc.

Tech Track

Quantum Computing Leadership

Grazia Vittadini, Marc Fisher


Fireside Chat with Umesh Vazirani

Adrian Cho, Umesh Vazirani

Science Magazine, UC Berkeley

AMA wtih a Quantum Computing Superhero

Scott Aaronson

The University of Texas at Austin

Optimal Protocols in Quantum Annealing and QAOA Problems

Alexey Gorshkov

NIST and University of Maryland

Warm-starting Quantum Optimization

Stefan Woerner

IBM Quantum

Utilizing NISQ devices for evaluating quantum algorithms

Eleanor Rieffel


Quantum Natural Language Processing

Bob Coecke

University of Oxford, Cambridge Quantum Computing

Cost-Function-Dependent Barren Plateaus in Shallow Quantum Neural Networks

Patrick Coles

Los Alamos National Laboratory

USRA-Q2B Applied NISQ Computing Award competition and winner

Davide Venturelli, Aram Harrow


Noise-Resilient Implementation of a Quantum Nearest Centroid Algorithm

Sonika Johri


Quantum Simulations of the Lithium Superoxide Dimer Rearrangement

Gavin Jones

IBM Quantum

How to achieve the largest scale fermionic quantum simulations on a NISQ computer

Zhang Jiang, Nick Rubin


QC Stack Track

Accelerate your next innovation with Keysight Quantum Solutions

José Luis Pino, Eric Holland, Diego Riste, Philip Krantz

Keysight Technologies

NL perspective on quantum computing venturing

Freeke Heijman, Benno Broer, Adriaan Rol, Ton van’t Noordende

Quantum Delta Netherlands, Qu&Co, Orange Quantum Systems, Company Quantum Delta // PHX

Exploiting Mid-circuit Measurement and Quibit Reuse to Simulate Large Quantum Systems

Michael Foss-Feig

Honeywell Quantum Solutions (HQS)

Carbon Nanotubes for Quantum Computing

Pierre Desjardins, Matthieu Desjardins

C12 Quantum Electronics

Connecting Qubits to Quantum Algorithms

Sadik Hafizovic, Jan Benhelm

Zurich Instruments

An Application Benchmark for Quantum Optimization

Yudong Cao, Travis Scholten

Zapata, IBM Quantum

Quantum Algorithm and Software Development in QunaSys

Tennin Yan

QunaSys, Inc.

Tackling Questions in Chemistry with Quantum Computers

Jamie Garcia


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