Achraf Seddik /

Achraf Seddik

R&D Data Science and Quantum Computing

Credit Agricole CIB

Alan Ho /

Alan Ho


Former Google Quantum AI, now independent Consultant

Alex Shih /

Alex Shih

Head of Product


Anastasia Marchenkova /

Anastasia Marchenkova

Quantum Computing Researcher


Andre Luckow /

Andre Luckow

Head of Emerging Technologies

BMW Group

Andrew Eddins /

Andrew Eddins

Research Scientist


Antia Lamas-Linares /

Antia Lamas-Linares

Lead, AWS Center for Quantum Networking


Aravind Ratnam /

Aravind Ratnam

Chief Strategy Officer


Bob Sorensen /

Bob Sorensen

Chief Analyst for Quantum Computing

Hyperion Research, LLC

Carl Dukatz /

Carl Dukatz

Quantum Program Lead, Principal Director


Chandan Kumar /

Chandan Kumar

Quantum Computational Chemistry Lead

BMW Group

Constantin Gonciulea /

Constantin Gonciulea

CTO of Advanced Technology - Digital & Innovation

Wells Fargo

Dan Garisto /

Dan Garisto

Freelance Journalist

Daniel Koch /

Daniel Koch

Research Physicist

Air Force Research Laboratory

Don Clark /

Don Clark

Freelance Contributor

The New York Times

Dr. Charles Bruce /

Dr. Charles Bruce

Mayo Clinic Florida’s Chief Innovation Officer

Mayo Clinic

Dr. Daniela Becker /

Dr. Daniela Becker

Senior Product Manager, Amazon Braket


Dr. Iordanis Kerenidis /

Dr. Iordanis Kerenidis

SVP, Quantum Algorithms

QC Ware

Dr. Jamie Garcia /

Dr. Jamie Garcia

Senior Research Manager for Quantum Computational Science

IBM Quantum

Dr. Jasper Simon Krauser /

Dr. Jasper Simon Krauser

Quantum Technology Central Coordinator


Dr. K. Birgitta Whaley /

Dr. K. Birgitta Whaley

Director, Berkeley Quantum Information and Computation Center, Professor of Chemical Physics

University of California, Berkeley

Dr. Kasra Nowrouzi /

Dr. Kasra Nowrouzi

Head of Hardware, Advanced Quantum Testbed

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Dr. Michael Hayduk /

Dr. Michael Hayduk

Deputy Director, Information Directorate

Air Force Research Laboratory

Dr. Michael Perlin /

Dr. Michael Perlin

Quantum Software Manager


Dr. Shintaro Sato / 佐藤 信太郎

佐藤 信太郎 / Dr. Shintaro Sato

フェロー SVP、量子研究所長 / Fellow; SVP, Head of Quantum Laboratory

富士通株式会社 / Fujitsu Limited

Duncan Stewart /

Duncan Stewart

Partner, BDC Capital Deep Tech Venture Fund

Business Development Bank of Canada

Eric Holland /

Eric Holland

Director of Strategic Growth Initiatives

Keysight Technologies

Eugene Chiu /

Eugene Chiu

Senior Partner, Investments


Fabio Sanches /

Fabio Sanches

Head of Quantum Engineering


Fabrice Frachon /

Fabrice Frachon

Principal PM Lead, Azure Quantum


Faye Wattleton /

Faye Wattleton



Freeke Heijman /

Freeke Heijman

Co-founder and Director Ecosystems Development

Quantum Delta NL

Gustavo Ordóñez /

Gustavo Ordóñez

Senior Director - Data Scientist

Moody’s Analytics

Heather West /

Heather West

Research Manager


Helmut G. Katzgraber /

Helmut G. Katzgraber

Global Practice Lead, Quantum


Hermanni Heimonen /

Hermanni Heimonen

Technical Lead for Co-Design Quantum Hardware


Hirokazu Sato / 佐藤 弘一

佐藤 弘一 / Hirokazu Sato

研究主幹 / Technology Specialist

株式会社ブリヂストン / Bridgestone Corporation

Hirotoshi Hirai /

Hirotoshi Hirai

Leading Researcher

Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc.

Jake Taylor /

Jake Taylor

Chief Science Officer


Jarrett Smalley /

Jarrett Smalley

Quantum Computational Science Specialist

Rolls-Royce PLC

Jay Lowell /

Jay Lowell

Principal Senior Technical Fellow

The Boeing Company

Jennie Kung /

Jennie Kung

Vice Chair, Mayo Clinic Innovation Exchange

Mayo Clinic

Jennifer Strabley /

Jennifer Strabley

Sr. Director, Offering, Product and Program Management


Jessica Richman /

Jessica Richman

Director, Investment / Quantum Technologies Lead

Australian Trade and Investment Commission

Johannes Klepsch /

Johannes Klepsch

Product Owner Emerging Technologies

BMW Group

John Preskill /

John Preskill

Richard P. Feynman Professor of Theoretical Physics / Director, Institute for Quantum Information and Matter

California Institute of Technology

Kaniah Konkoly-Thege /

Kaniah Konkoly-Thege

Chief Legal Officer, Chief Compliance Officer


Kia Kokalitcheva /

Kia Kokalitcheva

Technology and Business Reporter


Kirk Bresniker /

Kirk Bresniker

Hewlett Packard Labs Chief Architect / HPE Fellow / VP

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Lily Chen /

Lily Chen

Mathematician and Manager of Cryptographic Technology Group


Maj. Gen. Heather L. Pringle /

Maj. Gen. Heather L. Pringle

Commander, Air Force Research Laboratory

Technology Executive Officer, U.S. Air Force and U.S. Space Force

Marco Pistoia /

Marco Pistoia

Managing Director, Head of Research and Engineering

JPMorgan Chase

Mark Jack /

Mark Jack

Quantum Application Scientist

Zapata Computing

Mark Sweat /

Mark Sweat

Senior Enterprise Architect

Koch Industries, Inc.

Mark Wolf /

Mark Wolf

Technical Solutions Specialist


Markus Edmunds /

Markus Edmunds

Director of People & Culture

QC Ware

Marwa Farag /

Marwa Farag

Quantum Computing Scientist

Ford Motor Company

Masaru Watabiki / 綿引 賢

綿引 賢 / Masaru Watabiki

シニアエキスパート / Senior Expert

東芝デジタルソリューションズ株式会社 / Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation

Mathias Soeken /

Mathias Soeken

Senior Software Engineer


Matt Johnson /

Matt Johnson


QC Ware

Mauro D’Arcangelo /

Mauro D’Arcangelo

Quantum Software Engineer


Mekena Metcalf /

Mekena Metcalf

Quantum Computing Research Scientist


Michael Streif /

Michael Streif

Quantum Computing Scientist

Boehringer Ingelheim

Michal Krompiec /

Michal Krompiec

Scientific Project Manager


Misty Wahl /

Misty Wahl

Member of Technical Staff

Unitary Fund

Naomi Nickerson /

Naomi Nickerson

VP, Quantum Architecture


Netanel Lindner /

Netanel Lindner

Prof. of Physics, Co-founder & CTO

Qedma Quantum Computing

Nick Heinz /

Nick Heinz

Senior Vehicle Dynamics Engineer

Andretti Autosport

Nicole Barberis /

Nicole Barberis

Director Quantum Business Solutions


Nir Minerbi /

Nir Minerbi

CEO & Co-founder


Oskar Painter /

Oskar Painter

Head of Quantum Hardware, AWS Center for Quantum Computing


Paul Lipman /

Paul Lipman

Chief Commercial Officer


Pedro Costa /

Pedro Costa

Managing Director, Head of Americas Technology M&A

Morgan Stanley

Pete Shadbolt /

Pete Shadbolt

Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer


Peter Lemke /

Peter Lemke

Senior Digital Science Associate


Pierre Desjardins /

Pierre Desjardins

CEO & Co-founder


Pranav Gokhale /

Pranav Gokhale

VP, Quantum Software


Richard Moulds /

Richard Moulds

General Manager, Amazon Braket


Rima Oueid /

Rima Oueid

Commercialization Executive, Office of Technology Transitions

US Department of Energy

Román Orús /

Román Orús

Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer

Multiverse Computing

Romeo Radanyi /

Romeo Radanyi

Director – Quantum Architecture

Moody’s Analytics

Sam Genway /

Sam Genway

Chief Quantum Scientist


Sam McArdle /

Sam McArdle

Research Scientist


Sam Stanwyck /

Sam Stanwyck

Group Product Manager, Quantum Computing


Samir Kumar /

Samir Kumar

GM & Managing Director

M12 (Microsoft)

Scott Aaronson /

Scott Aaronson

David J. Bruton Centennial Professor of Computer Science and Director of the Quantum Information Center

University of Texas

Scott Buchholz /

Scott Buchholz

Global Quantum Lead


Scott Genin /

Scott Genin

Head of Materials Discovery

OTI Lumionics Inc.

Shinichi Niimi /

Shinichi Niimi

Research Project Manager - Quantum Computing Center

Keio University

Simon Fried /

Simon Fried

VP of Business Development & Marketing


Skylar Chaney /

Skylar Chaney

Quantum Computing Specialist


Sonika Johri /

Sonika Johri

Senior Staff Scientist


Steve Gibson /

Steve Gibson

Chief Strategy Officer


Takanori Ide / 井手 貴範

井手 貴範 / Takanori Ide

主席技術員 / Chief Senior Specialist

株式会社アイシン / Aisin

Thierry Botter /

Thierry Botter

Executive Director


Tony Uttley /

Tony Uttley

President & Chief Operating Officer


Travis Humble /

Travis Humble

Director, Quantum Science Center

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Unmesh Sahasrabuddhe /

Unmesh Sahasrabuddhe

Vice President of Engineering and Products

Universal Quantum

Vanio Markov /

Vanio Markov

Distinguished Engineer

Wells Fargo

Veronica Combs /

Veronica Combs

Quantum Content Manager

HKA Marcom

Vladimir Rastunkov /

Vladimir Rastunkov

Principal Quantum Computational Scientist

IBM Quantum

Wojciech Burkot /

Wojciech Burkot

Co-founder and Chief Physics Officer


Xioranny Linares /

Xioranny Linares

R&D and Business Director - Quantum Engineering Solutions

Keysight Technologies

Yianni Gamvros /

Yianni Gamvros

SVP, Marketing & Sales

QC Ware

Yuval Boger /

Yuval Boger

Chief Marketing Officer


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