Day 1

May 3, 2023

Welcome to Q2B Paris

Matt Johnson

QC Ware

Pascal Lagarde


Minister of Digital Affairs

Jean-Noël Barrot

French Government

The Second Quantum Revolution – An Interview with Dr. Alain Aspect

Pr. Alain Aspect

Institut d’Optique Graduate School – Université Paris-Saclay

Dr. Iordanis Kerenidis

QC Ware

Quantum Technologies for Aerospace: Preparing for the Quantum Era

Isabell Gradert


Computing Track

Bridging the Gap Between High-Performance Classical & Quantum Computing

Eric Kievit


Quantum Computing using Photonics

Pim Venderbosch

QuiX Quantum

Photonic Quantum Computing on the Cloud

Shane Mansfield


Niccolo Somaschi


Unlocking the Potential of Hybrid Quantum-Classical Computers

Dr. Yonatan Cohen

Quantum Machines

Future-proof Quantum Software

Nir Minerbi


Tangible Quantum Computing Benefits, Now: Amplify Quantum Production Performance

Dr. Boris Albrecht


Quantum-centric Data-Driven R&D (QDDRD) – Capgemini’s Quantum Lab

Julian van Velzen


Quantum Cognition: From Inception to First Quantum Implementation

Dominic Widdows


Quantum Application Development – NQCC Quantum Software Lab

Elham Kashefi

NQCC, University of Edinburgh, CNRS Sorbonne Universite

Scalable Quantum Computing with Atomic Arrays

Dr. Remy Notermans

Atom Computing

The Dual-Mode Quantum Computer and its Applications

Yuval Boger


Decoding Fault-Tolerant Quantum Computers

Earl Campbell


QC Learn Introduction

Dr. Iordanis Kerenidis

QC Ware

Communications Track

Delivering Large-Scale Quantum-Secured Networks

Andrew Shields

Toshiba Europe Ltd.

Space Quantum Communications towards the Operational System

Dr. Jasper Simon Krauser


The Next Generation Quantum Networks

Kian van der Enden

QuTech, Delft University of Technology

QKD as a stepping stone to the quantum internet

Ingrid Romjin

Q*Bird B.V.

Quantum Information Science at the US Air Force Research Laboratory

Dr. Michael Hayduk

Air Force Research Laboratory, Information Directorate (AFRL/RI)

Building a scalable and dynamic quantum network: Use Cases, Challenges and Solutions

Reza Nejabati

University of Bristol

Speedy Entangled Photon Communication

Bruno Sanglé-Ferrière

Carrousel Digital Limited

The Telco Path to the Quantum-Era

Ido Shargil


Future Evolution of PQC

Reza Azarderakhsh

PQSecure and FAU

Photonic detection at 1550nm and room-temperature: Technology optoons and Commercial considerations

Wil Oxford

Anametric, Inc.

QKD 2.0: From the Testbeds to Practical, Scalable Reality

Nir Bar-Lev

QuantLR Ltd.

Financing the scale-up of Quantum technology in the EU

Catherine Bender

European Investment Bank

Start-up Pitch Sessions

Q2B Startup Pitch Sessions

Lorenzo Moro

Q Brain

Q2B Startup Pitch Sessions

Adriaan Rol

Orange Quantum Systems

Q2B Startup Pitch Sessions

Ish Dhand

QC Design

Q2B Startup Pitch Sessions

Maud Vinet


Q2B Startup Pitch Sessions

Robert Marino

Qubit Pharmaceuticals

Q2B Startup Pitch Sessions

Sébastien Buffechoux


Day 2

May 4, 2023

Updates on the French National Program

Neil Abroug

Secretary General for Investments

The Boehringer-Ingelheim Perspective on Challenges and Opportunities of Quantum Computing in Life Science

Clemens Utschig-Utschig


Challenges and Opportunities for the Deployment of Quantum Communication Networks

Eleni Diamanti


Case Studies Track

Quantum Data Loading on IonQ Quantum Computers

Dr. Michael Dascal


Nicole Barberis


Lessons Learned: Quantum Application Lab

Mark Buningh

The Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO), representing Quantum Application Lab (QAL)

Quantum Applications Lab/Rabobank Case Study: Quantum Portfolio Optimisation

Frank Phillipson

TNO (Netherlands organization for applied scientific research) and Maastricht University

Mischa Vos


Exploring Quantum Inspired Optimization for the Vehicle Routing Problem

Astrid Katrine Kyhl


Troels Steenstrup


Casper Guldager


Field demonstrations of QKD in financial and utilities sector infrastructures

Ulrich Hoff

Department of Physics, Technical University of Denmark

Quantum Algorithms applied to Satellite Mission Planning

Frédéric Barbaresco

Thales Group

Karan Pinto

Terra Quantum


Erwin Rademaker

Port of Rotterdam

Problem Formulation and Project Valuation for Quantum Computing Projects (A QUTAC Perspective)

Omesan Nair

Frankfurt School of Finance and Management

Portia Buthelezi

Frankfurt School of Finance and Management

Data-Driven Reactivity Prediction of Targeted Covalent Inhibitors Using Computed Quantum Features for Drug Discovery

Sam Genway


Characterizing the Performance of Quantum Generative Modeling: A Collaboration of the German Industry Consortium QUTAC

Johannes Klepsch

BMW Group

Aleksandar Vučković


The Role of Government in Quantum Education to Solve the Skills Gap

Araceli Venegas-Gomez


Bringing Quantum Tech from the Lab into the World: Learnings from One of Europe’s First Quantum Incubation Programs

Christopher Trummer

TUM Venture Labs

Computing Track

Quantum computing in the HPC center

Jan Goetz

IQM Quantum Computers

Eric Eppe

EVIDEN (an Atos Business)

Sebastian Hassinger

AWS Quantum

Hanhee Paik

IBM Quantum

Moderator: Matt Langione


Investing in Quantum Computing

Olivier Tonneau


Nardo Manaloto

Qubits Ventures

Mathieu Costes

Airbus Ventures

Moderator: David Shaw

Global Quantum Intelligence

Catalyzing Research into Investable Ventures: QDNL Participations and the Slow Rise of Specialized Investment Firms

Freeke Heijman


Ton van ‘t Noordende

QDNL Participations

Leading Quantum Computing’s Material Breakthrough

Pierre Desjardins


Accelerating Business Impact with a Problem-Centered Platform for Quantum Computing

Carlos Kuchkovsky


Quanscient: Quantum-Powered CFD Simulations

Juha Riippi


A path towards useful quantum computing using application- and hardware-specific algorithms

Daniel Volz

Kipu Quantum GmbH

Tackling Optimization Challenges Through Quantum-inspired Computing

Yasuichiro Izumi

Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation

Beyond VQE: Advancing Quantum Computing Applicability

Tennin Yan


Harnessing the Power of Quantum, High-Performance, and Cloud Computing for Next-Generation Applications

Oktay Goktas


Industry Track

Quantum Usage in Financial Services

Ricardo García Gutiérrez

Moody’s Analytics

Christophe Michel

Crédit Agricole CIB

Joe Ghalbouni

Point72 Asset Management

Moderator: Yuval Boger


Quantum Usage in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Jens Kieckbusch


Clemens Utschig-Utschig


Gopal Karemore

Novo Nordisk

Moderator: Xavier Cimino

McKinsey & Company

Quantum in Materials and Chemicals

Daniel Volz

Kipu Quantum GmbH

Matt Langione


Christian Gogolin


Moderator: Yianni Gamvros

QC Ware

Quantum Industry – The Current Status and the Future Direction

Leigh Lapworth

Rolls-Royce plc

Sebastian Luber


Moderator: Hanhee Paik

IBM Quantum

An Interactive Talk on the Benefits of Men Leaning into Inclusion and Diversity Hosted by Quantum Delta

Daniele Fiandaca

Hosted by Quantum Delta NL

Government Track

French Quantum Initiatives Highlights

Frédéric Barbaresco

Thales Group

Anne-Lise Guilmin

Eviden, an Atos Group business

Félicien Schopfer

LNE – Laboratoire National de Métrologie et D’essais

Fabien Collangettes

OMNES Capital

Moderator: Neil Abroug

Secretary General for Investments

EC Perspectives and Introduction to EU Investments in Quantum Technology

Pascal Maillot

European Commission

The Quantum Accelerator at the DIANA Center for Quantum Technologies

Cathal Mahon

Novo Nordisk Foundation

Magnifying the impact of Europe’s Quantum Industry on the Global Stage

Laure Le Bars

QuIC and SAP

Korea Quantum Technology Flagship

Brad Kim

Posco Holdings

Towards the Future Quantum Economy

Shunsuke Okada

Quantum Strategic Industry Alliance for Revolution (Q-STAR) and Toshiba Corporation

The role of the public sector for quantum technological development

Sebastian Hassinger

AWS Quantum

Analyst Track

Ecosystem of the Future: Quantum Technologies Market outlook for 2023

Pr. Dr. Niko Mohr

McKinsey & Company

Quantum Enterprise Adoption – What CEOs Should Know about Quantum Computing

Matt Langione


Quantum Hardware Outlook – A Review of Progress and Challenges Across Qubit Platforms

David Shaw

Global Quantum Intelligence

Quantum Energy Initiative, and the Beginning of an Interdisciplinary Research Line on the Energetics of Quantum Technologies

Olivier Ezratty

Quantum Energy Initiative

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