Q2B Quantum Case Study Showcase – Share Your Quantum Success Story!

We are thrilled to introduce the inaugural Q2B Quantum Case Study Showcase! As quantum technology rapidly evolves from theoretical to practical applications, we are eager to spotlight the most compelling and impactful real-world quantum success stories.

This showcase is a unique platform for end-users of quantum applications to exhibit their successful use of quantum technology in computing, communications, security or sensing. We invite you to submit your case study, detailing your quantum journey, the challenges you encountered, the solutions you implemented, and the impact of your work.

A Distinguished Panel of Judges

A panel of esteemed judges will review all submissions. The most outstanding case studies will be selected based on their innovation, practicality, and demonstrated impact. These chosen case studies will be granted the opportunity to present their work at the Q2B Silicon Valley conference in December 2023. Most selected case studies will be presented in the relevant conference track, but the most exciting ones will be showcased in a plenary session.

Judges include:

Pr. Dr. Niko Mohr, Expert Partner


Matt Langione, Partner

Boston Consulting Group

Andre Konig, CEO

Global Quantum Intelligence

Who is Eligible to Participate?

Case studies may be submitted by industry users of quantum vendor technology to highlight their use case. This forum is aimed at industrial use cases rather than academic or theoretical ones. Chosen case studies should be presented by the end-users, not the vendors. However, vendors who are sponsoring Q2B can join the end-users on stage. As a token of our appreciation for your contribution, the end-customer participants who are selected to speak on stage about their case study will receive complimentary admission to the Q2B conference.

Media Exposure

Top case studies will also have visibility to the Q2B media sponsors of the conference, and may have the opportunity to be profiled by them, including the Quantum Computing Report and the Quantum Insider. This opportunity would provide further visibility and recognition for groundbreaking work in the quantum field.

Participate Now!

To participate, please submit your case study by October 2, 2023. We look forward to hearing your quantum success story!

*Please note – upon submission, you will receive an email from QCWare providing you with our Q2B24 Global Prospectus.

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