Day 1

December 5, 2023

Welcome to Q2B23 Silicon Valley

Matt Johnson

QC Ware
The Future of Quantum Supremacy Experiments

Scott Aaronson

University of Texas
Quantum Computing and Quantum Communications in the Financial Industry

Ruslan Shaydulin

JPMorgan Chase
Quantum Next

Tom Masiello

Northrop Grumman
AI Opportunities for Quantum

Matt Langione

Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

Communications & Security Track

Heterogeneous Quantum Networking Research at the Air Force Research Laboratory Information Directorate

Dr. Matt LaHaye

Air Force Research Laboratory
Entangled Photon Communication and Photonic Router

Bruno Sanglé-Ferrière

Carrousel Digital Limited
Architecture for Metropolitan Network on Berlin OpenQKD Testbed

Marc Kaplan

PQC, CHIPS Act., and First Movers

Reza Azarderakhsh

PQSecure Technologies, LLC
The Quantum Networking Stack Panel

Chris Erven

KETS Quantum Security Ltd

Denis Mandich


Marc Kaplan


Jean-Francois Bobier

Boston Consulting Group (BCG)
How NIST Will Kick off the Cryptographic Apocalypse in 2024

Konstantinos Karagiannis

Enabling Quantum Communications through Advanced Detection Technologies

Dan Chebot

ID Quantique
GothamQ – An Network for Distributing Entanglement in NYC

Noel Goddard

Networking Quantum Computers

Dr. Eric Ostby

Aliro Quantum
The Kirq Quantum Communication Testbed

Jacques Mc Neill


QML Case Studies Track

Advancing Quantum Technologies with Machine Learning: Unveiling the Qruise AI Quantum Physicist

Anurag Saha Roy

Qruise GmbH
Maturing Quantum Machine Learning

Scott Buchholz


Yuval Boger

Quantum Kernels for Health Sciences Data: Reproducibility and Variability Challenge

Zoran Krunic

Launch and Demo: BlueQubit’s QML Platform with GPU Acceleration

Hrant Gharibyan

Exploring Business Advantage & Applications of Quantum Computing in Integrated Risk Assessment

Carmen Recio

Moody’s Analytics
Quantum Generative Models of Financial Time Series

Vanio Markov

Wells Fargo

Vladimir Rastunkov

IBM Quantum
Explainable AI with Quantum

Elton Zhu

Fidelity Center for Applied Technology
Superconducting Quantum Materials and Systems Center

David van Zanten

Quantum Neural Networks for More Accurate Feature Representation in Computational Pathology

Nicole Romano

Moonlight AI
QML Use Cases in Roche Pharma

Yvonna Li

F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd
Wellcome Leap Panel

Dr. Iordanis Kerenidis

QC Ware

Elica Kyoseva

Wellcome Leap

Kanav Setia

qBraid Co.

Grant Rotskoff

Stanford University

Tommaso Macri

QuEra Computing

Business & Analyst Track

Integrated Heterogeneous Supercomputing: is HPC the future of QC?

Shahin Khan
Three ways Quantum is Already Having Real-World Impact

Nadia Carlsten

Quantum Tech Ecosystem in Times of Uncertainty: Opportunities and Challenges

Pr. Dr. Niko Mohr

McKinsey & Company

Mena Issler

McKinsey & Company
Leveraging Natural Language Processing to Decode the Quantum Computing Landscape

Victor Yin

Quantum Capital – The Insider Story of Quantum Investment

Alex Challans

The Quantum Insider
Pushing the Boundaries of Quantum Computing: Alice & Bob x Quantum Machines

Dr. Yonatan Cohen

Quantum Machines

Dr. Théau Peronnin

Alice & Bob
Making Sense of Quantum Sensing

Jean-Francois Bobier

Boston Consulting Group (BCG)
Superstaq: 10x Quantum Performance through Software

Pranav Gokhale

Quantum Chip Testing for the Quantum Utility Era

Adriaan Rol

Orange Quantum Systems
VC Panel

Alexandra Beckstein

QAI Ventures AG

Nardo Manaloto

Qubits Ventures

Taylor Sargent

Airbus Ventures

Ton van‘t Noordende

Quantum Delta

Brian Wang


Government Track

Roadmap for the UK Quantum Technology Industry

Jonathan Legh-Smith


Geoff Barnes

Advancing Quantum Technology in Italy: the NQSTI and ICSC Initiatives

Paolo Cremonesi

Politecnico di Milano

Fabio Beltram

National Quantum Science and Technology Institut
Global R&D for Business by Quantum-AI Technology in AIST

Shiro Kawabata

National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science & Technology (AIST)
Actions in Japan Towards Social Implementation of Quantum Technology

Masashi Morimoto

NEDO Representative Office in Silicon Valley
Korea’s National Quantum Strategy

Brad Kim

Swedish Quantum Technology

Ebba Carbonnier

Karolinska Instituet
Deep Tech Lab — Quantum: A New Accelerator for Quantum Tech Start-ups and its Role in DIANA

Cathal J. Mahon

Deep Tech Lab – Quantum
Quantum North: Canada’s Role in Charting our Collective Quantum Future

Lisa Lambert

Quantum Industry Canada
Engaging with Australia’s Quantum Ecosystem

Jessica Richman

Australian Trade and Investment Commission
Israeli QCC Update

Edan Shahar

Quantum Machines
Quantum and Energy Opportunities

Rima Oueid

US Department of Energy
QuTech, Center of Europe’s Largest Quantum Ecosystem

Maarten Huppertz

Building Vibrant Regional Ecosystems – Panel

Damir Bogdan


Kate Waimey Timmerman

Chicago Quantum Exchange

Celia Merzbacher

SRI International

André M. König


Day 2

December 6, 2023

Welcome to Q2B23 Silicon Valley

Matt Johnson

QC Ware
Crossing the Quantum Chasm: From NISQ to Fault Tolerance

John Preskill

California Institute of Technology
AFRL Quantum Information Science

Dr. Michael Hayduk

Air Force Research Laboratory
The Dutch way of building a Quantum Economy

Freeke Heijman

Quantum Delta NL

Adriaan Rol

Orange Quantum Systems
Quantum Technologies in the Cloud – How Customers and Partners are Working with AWS

Michael Brett

Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Updates of Quantum Computing Research at Fujitsu

Dr. Shintaro Sato

Fujitsu Limited
Making Quantum Matter

Paul Lipman

Harnessing Quantum Potential: The Critical Role of Software in the Quantum Utility Era

Simon Fried

The QuEra Path to Fault-Tolerance

Yuval Boger

QuEra Computing Inc.
Hybrid in the Era of Enterprise-Grade Quantum Computing

Nicole Barberis

Controlling 1,000 Qubits: Scaling to Usefulness without Compromising

Dr. Yonatan Cohen

Quantum Machines
Your Shortcut to Quantum Advantage with Native Performance Management in Cloud Quantum Computers

Dr. Michael J. Biercuk

Quantum Computing Beyond Circuits with Triple Alpha

Joe Fitzsimons

Horizon Quantum Computing
Ankaa and Beyond: Rigetti’s Path Towards nQA and Accessible State-of-the Art QPUs

David Rivas

Photonic Quantum Computing

Pete Shadbolt

The Global QC Market: Current Status and Future Prospects

Bob Sorensen

Hyperion Research, LLC
Quantum Sensing Outlook

David Shaw

Global Quantum Intelligence (GQI)
Special Announcement from Airbus/Amazon Braket/BMW

Alex Challans

The Quantum Insider

Dr. Jasper Simon Krauser


Isabell Gradert


Chandan Kumar

BMW Group

Michael Brett

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Startup Pitch Sessions

Q2B Startup Pitch Sessions

Georges Le Nigen

Q2B Startup Pitch Sessions

Dr. Saavan Patel

InfinityQ Technology inc.
Q2B Startup Pitch Sessions

Javier Mancilla

Stafford Computing
Q2B Startup Pitch Sessions

Bob World

Quantum Rings, Inc.
Q2B Startup Pitch Sessions

David Mitlyng

Q2B Startup Pitch Sessions

Daniel Brau

Q2B Startup Pitch Sessions

Anurag Saha Roy

Qruise GmbH

Day 3

December 7, 2023

Towards Error-Corrected Quantum Computing with Neutral Atoms

Professor Vladan Vuletic

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Quantum Technology on the Move

Jay Lowell

The Boeing Company
Interview with William Zeng & Chad Rigetti

William Zeng


Chad Rigetti

Quantum Delta NL

Don Clark

The New York Times

Sensing & Timing Track

Quantum Science and Technology in the Underwater Domain

Pietro Paglierani

Ruggedizing Quantum Navigation Systems for the Field Through Software

Dr. Michael J. Biercuk

L3Harris – Quantum Radio Frequency Sensing

Dr. William Clark


Chris Dorny

Quantum Sensing – Superior Precision for Earth Observation from Space

Dr. Jasper Simon Krauser


QC Hardware & Software Track

Bringing PASQAL’s Full Stack Quantum Capabilities to the U.S. Market

Amy Golem

Hybrid Computing Using Photonic Platforms by Quandela

Valérian Giesz

Roadmap to a Large Error-Corrected Quantum Computer

Catherine Vollgraff Heidweiller

Google Quantum AI
Quantum Frontiers: Advancing Chemistry Algorithms and Applications

Tennin Yan


Takahiro Ohgoe

Panasonic Holdings Corporation
Accelerating Development of Quantum Computers through Automation

Vishal Chatrath

C12, Leading the Next Materials Leap in Quantum Computing

Pierre Desjardins

The Impending Wave of Silicon Quantum Computing

Jason Lynch

Accelerating the Development of Useful Applications for Fault-Tolerant Quantum Computers

Sam Pallister

A New Era of Quantum Utility

Dr. Jamie Garcia

IBM Quantum
Unveiling Misconceptions: Benchmarking High-Quality Qubits

Russell Stutz

Progress in Scalable Quantum Computing Using Silicon

James Palles-Dimmock

Quantum Motion
Enterprise Quantum Readiness

Yianni Gamvros

QC Ware

Optimization Case Studies Track

Enhancing Ligand Discovery with Quantum Circuit Born Machines

Christoph Gorgulla

St. Jude’s Research Hospital
Application- and Hardware Specific Quantum Computing: a Route Towards Earlier Usefulness for Optimization Use Cases

Iraitz Montalban

Kipu Quantum GmbH
Data Driven Predictions of Covalent Drug Reactivity with Computed Quantum Features

Sam Genway

QuADD – Quantum Aided Drug Design

Bill Shipman

Polaris Quantum Biotech
Optimizing ETF Arbitrage via the Quantum Constrained Hamiltonian Optimization algorithm

Pranav Gokhale


Ruslan Shaydulin

JPMorgan Chase
Adiabatic Quantum Computing for Logistic Transport Optimization

Raul Palacios

Technology Company
Driving Operational Efficiency: HONE’s Quantum-Powered Aircraft Network Optimization Solution

Ed Heinbockel

Could Quantum Computing Accelerate Energy Transition?

Dr. Satyam Priyadarshy

Reignite Future
64 Million Insurance Scenarios on a Quantum Computer

Hrant Gharibyan


Lewis Guignard

Dual-Unit Quantum Genetic Algorithm: Application on Oil & Gas Exploration

Saulo Machado

Qubit Chip Carriers

Jonatan Kutchinsky

Quantum Machines

Simulation Case Studies Track

Practical Quantum Benefit in Material Developments

Hirotoshi Hirai

Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc.
Quantum Quest for Low-Carbon Mobility

Dr. Jasper Simon Krauser


Chandan Kumar

BMW Group

Anand Shah

Quantum Speed-up for Crack Behavior in a 2D Mechanical Structure: a Variational Quantum Algorithm Based on an Energetic Formulation Running on a Photonic Quantum Computer

Pierre-Emmanuel Emeriau


Cyril Kazymyrenko

Quantum Computing For Battery Materials

Glenn Jones


Prof. Toby Cubitt

Transforming the Quantum Industry Through Responsible Innovation

Joan Étude Arrow

Quantum Ethics Project

Rodrigo Araizo Bravo

Quantum Ethics Project
Closing the Quantum Talent Gap: Best Practices to Ensure a Robust and Diverse Quantum Workforce

Kiera Peltz

Qubit by Qubit
Exploring the Value of Quantum Computing through Application Development

Mark Buningh

Quantum Application Lab
Enabling the Industry to Move from Today to HPC Integration and the NISQ Era

Eva Flipse

New Faces Panel

Bharath Kannan

Atlantic Quantum

Tal David

Quantum Art Ltd.

Chris Ballance

Oxford Ionics

Damien Petty

Morpheus Ventures
Perspectives on an International Workforce in Quantum – Panel

Mads Bahrami

Wolfram Research Inc

Preeti Chalsani

Chicago Quantum Exchange

Maximilian Ruf


Ming Li

Atom Computing

Denise Ruffner

Diversity in Quantum

Error Correction Track

Open-Source Quantum Computing Panel

Roger Melko

Open Quantum Design

William Zeng


Dr. Zvonimir Bandic

Open Quantum Design

Rima Oueid

US Department of Energy
Partially Fault-Tolerant Quantum Computing Architecture for Early-FTQC Era

Sarvagya Upadhyay

Fujitsu Research of America
Achieve More with Quantum Computing Using Q-CTRL’s Performance Management Solutions

Alex Shih

Error Correction Panel

Ish Dhand

QC Design

Steve Brierley


Tommaso DeMarie

Entropica Labs

Julien Camirand Lemyre

Nord Quantique

Doug Finke

Global Quantum Intelligence (GQI)
The State of Logical Qubits, How Far Are We, How Are We Making These? Panel Moderated by Yuval Boger

Dave Landhuis

Google Quantum AI

Dr. Théau Peronnin

Alice & Bob

Russell Stutz


Mercedes Gimeno-Segovia


Yuval Boger

QuEra Computing
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